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Windows 11 is more comprehensive. Find out which Microsoft platform will support Android apps


Windows 11 is more comprehensive. Find out which Microsoft platform will support Android apps
Windows 11

Windows 11 is more comprehensive. Find out which Microsoft platform will support Android apps

Microsoft had previously talked years ago about Windows 10 being the last, but the big changes in the world of smart devices contributed to changing its decision, especially with the emergence of more systems and changes to older systems.

The most prominent thing that Microsoft announced with its new system is its vision of the way to link other systems and their applications, as Windows 11 will allow running Android applications easily through the support of AMD and Intel depending on the processors. It is available on devices, which will be a big shift for users as it will allow them to browse their apps on phones separately from computers.

Android apps will work in an emulated way through specific techniques that help open apps with separate windows in the form of a smartphone to work in a normal way, a feature that some emulators provide, but in a difficult way and requires powerful hardware. Intel's bridge technology or similar AMD technology will help enhance connectivity between different systems, helping to run applications developed for systems with different environments running on Windows.

Microsoft will improve the Android App Store by collaborating with Amazon to bring Store apps to Windows 11 users.

Microsoft Windows 11 - Lightweight and Beautiful Design

Microsoft platform will support Android apps

As the leaks mentioned, the new system will bring significant changes to the appearance, especially the Start menu, the way windows and folders are displayed, and even the way to search, as well as the design of windows and folders that come with rounded corners instead. From the old design with square corners.

And Microsoft introduced a new feature called App Snap that brings important apps together, or shortcuts, similar to a widget, and makes them available in a task list for easy access. Through this feature, it offers its own applications, especially the Office package and Teams service.

Additional Windows 11 design changes:

  • Change the design of the Start menu and its presence in the center with the ability to open and close it easily by clicking on it.
  • Apps are made available in the task list on the Start menu, and the Recently used files option is available.
  • The ability to change the location of the Start menu from the middle to the side and vice versa.
  • Support to change the layout to dark mode and choose from several options.
  • The rounded corners of the menu and its square-shaped appearance float on the screen separately, unlike in Windows 10.
  • There is a top bar in the menu that contains search options.
  • The username and launch options are located at the bottom of the Start menu.
  • Streamlined and smoother file browser design.
  • The windows have rounded corners.
  • Support night mode in many forms.
  • The search bar extends along the top menu flexibly when searching and then returns to its normal position on the left.
  • When you place the mouse arrow on the box icon for the magnification, several options for choosing the size will appear automatically, and therefore it is possible to open more than one window in an easy and tidy way and in the desired place similarly. To open more than one application on the phone screen.

The Microsoft App Store has undergone significant changes in the design level, and at the same time in the features that it will provide to users on Windows 11.

The store will support third-party applications of all kinds, which will allow more options and applications to the public, and it will provide support for Android applications by allowing the installation of any application available on the Amazon store, allowing the installation of the most popular applications easily.

Microsoft's plan will help by deducting a small portion of subscriptions compared to what other companies like Apple and Google do in their stores.

New changes in the store:

Support for Android apps via the Amazon Store.

The ability to download and enjoy applications such as Tik Tok, Snapchat, and others easily.

Only 15% discount from the value of subscriptions for developers to motivate them to develop their applications on the system, and the possibility of bringing them without fees.

Bring important apps to the store like Microsoft Teams, Visual Studio Disney+, Adobe Creative Cloud, Zoom, and Canva.

Enhance your gaming experience with Game Pass

Microsoft has not left the opportunity to improve its gaming services, as it has worked to add significant improvements to the gaming experience on Windows 11 through its improvements, especially in the Game Pass app.

Microsoft wants to extract the best from the hardware of the device to enhance the gaming experience and support more games on any device with any features.

It offers users over 100 games via Game Pass, and will also add more games to help share gameplay with other platforms.

Availability of Windows 11 - Windows 11

Microsoft will allow Windows 10 owners to upgrade to its new system for free, on various devices and processors, whether from Intel, AMD, or Qualcomm. Windows 11 will be available to users at the end of this year in the holiday period, while a beta version will be available during this period to try it out.

The new system can be upgraded if the appropriate hardware is available, and you can find out the compatibility of your device with the system through the Microsoft tool here.

Things that must be available in the device before updating:
  • Processor with a frequency of 1 GHz or higher.
  • 4 GB RAM.
  • 64 GB storage disk.
  • A graphics processor that supports DirectX 12.
  • Screen with a resolution of 720 pixels and above.
  • Some other advantages depend on the gear.