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5 Tips to Solve Windows 10 Update Problem


5 Tips to Solve Windows 10 Update Problem
Windows 10 Update

5 Tips to Solve Windows 10 Update Problem

Regularly updating Microsoft Windows 10 is an important step to keep your PC running safely and smoothly. However, sometimes you may encounter the update stuck issue while updating the operating system.

You do not have to worry when a problem occurs during the update, there are several ways that allow you to solve it easily and quickly.


The update process can sometimes take a long time extending to hours. Therefore, we recommend that you give your computer some time to complete any updates before taking any action.

Check Windows 10 Settings

You can see if there are any problems updating Windows 10 through the Settings page. Sometimes you get a message telling you to try to update again at a later time.

Other times you may get a more personalized message telling you the problem. To enter the settings page in Windows 10, follow these steps:

  • Click the "Start" button at the bottom left of the screen, then choose the "Settings" option in the menu that appears.
  • On the screen that appears, select the Update & Security option.
  • Select the Windows Update option.
  • If Windows detects a problem while installing an update, it will be flagged in the submenu.
  • You can click on the Advanced option at the bottom of the screen to get more information and see which updates have been successfully installed or uninstalled if necessary.

Reboot the computer

If you have confirmed that Windows 10 update is stuck, your first option should be to restart your computer, as this step is often a solution to many performance issues.

If the update is downloading in the background, you can restart your device and then check the update progress on the Settings page.

However, if Windows 10 update stops before the operating system is actually loaded, you will need to force shutdown of the computer. This is done by pressing and holding the power button on your device. But it is necessary to ensure that the update is stopped before taking this action.

Turn on Safe Mode in Windows 10

Running your computer in safe mode gives you a way to easily troubleshoot most problems. When a problem appears with your device and then goes away when you turn on safe mode, it means that the default settings and basic device drivers are not the cause of the problem.

In order to learn how to boot the computer in safe mode, you can see the following article: How to run safe mode in Windows 10 for troubleshooting

Factory settings

If none of the above works, there is always the option to reset your Windows 10 PC to factory mode and then try to update the operating system again.