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University of Victoria in Australia

University of Victoria in Australia

University of Victoria in Australia

The expected tuition fees for studying at the University of Victoria in Australia are equivalent to 7,500 US dollars, and some major majors may reach 18,900 US dollars, and the expenses of the University of Victoria in Australia depend on the required academic specialization.

Victoria University is a public research university based in Melbourne, Australia. It is a dual sector institution offering courses in both higher education, technical education and further education. 2016 marked the University of Victoria's centenary as an educational institution and its 25th anniversary as a university.

The university has several campuses in the Melbourne CBD, the Western Melbourne area, and in Sydney and is home to six academic colleges, six research institutes, seven research centers and the Victoria Polytechnic of the University of Victoria (providing vocational education and training). It also offers courses at partner institutions across Asia.

University of Victoria Ranking in Australia 

The University of Victoria is ranked 301-350 in the world in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2018. The University of Victoria emphasizes research relevant to society, industry and government – both nationally and internationally, but particularly in the western area of Melbourne. The University's Research Plan 2012-2016 supports interdisciplinary research in several target areas

Applied Informatics, Creative Arts and Writing, Diversity and Wellbeing, Education, Diversity and Lifelong Learning, Food and Nutrition Sciences, Medical and Health Sciences, Supply Chain, Logistics and Transportation, Sports and Exercise, Active Living, Strategic Economy and Sustainable Environmental Technologies.

The University of Victoria in Australia consists of the following institutions
Footscray Technical College of Technology
Newport Technical College, renamed Newport College
Melbourne School of Hairdressing
School of painting, decorating and signing
Melbourne Technical College of Hairdressing
Melbourne College of Decoration
Footscray TAFE
Flagstaff College
Western Institute
Western Metropolitan College
Western Melbourne Institute of Technical and Further Education
Victoria University of Technology
Victoria Polytechnic

Research institutes at the University of Victoria in Australia

Victoria Institute
Institute for Sustainability and Innovation (ISI)
Institute of Supply Chain and Logistics (ISCL)
Institute of Sport, Exercise and Active Life (ISEAL)
Victoria Institute for Strategic Economic Studies (VISES)
Mitchell Institute

Research Centers at the University of Victoria

Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Management Center for Applied Informatics (CAI)
Center for Cultural Diversity and Wellbeing
Center for Environmental Safety and Risk Engineering (CESARE)
Center for International Research in Education Systems (CIRES)
Center for Policy Studies (CoPS)

Students at the Australian University of Victoria

In 2014, the University of Victoria had 46,198 students. About 60% have studied in higher education degree programmes, and 40% are enrolled in TAFE courses. Of these students, 5,682 were international students studying at one of VU's Melbourne or Sydney campuses, and 8,761 international students were studying on VU's overseas programs at a partner organization primarily located in Asia.

Majors of the University of Victoria in Australia 

Monuments and museums
English literature
international economy
political economy
the date
Visual design and effects
graphic design
Agriculture, forestry and the environment
Press and media
Public Health
the pharmacy
Human medicine and dentistry
Social and human sciences
applied Sciences
Digital science
Art, music and design
Law and political science
Linguistics and Cultural Studies
Electronic simulation
Biomedical Engineering
electrical engineering
civil engineering
mechanical engineering
History of Art and Civilizations
Economics and business administration
Psychology and psychiatry
Space Science
Communications Engineering
Petrol Engineering
Computer Engineering
Software Engineering