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harif news is a website specializing in technology news, the Internet, new computers, smartphones, and other tech gadgets. To enrich the online world with valuable and professional content, we have supported our website with a variety of sections that include the largest possible segment of users.

In order to educate the Arab user about the importance of preserving intellectual property rights and not seeking to violate the rights of paid programs and their negative effects on the economy and on the minds of young people (our children), we have created, along with periodic articles, a special section to download good free programs to encourage developers on the one hand. And finding an alternative for those looking for programs from another side.

We will also seek, through the “For Developers” section, to communicate with programming experts, enrich this section with articles and professional opinions regarding the technologies used, and exchange experiences with developers and programmers.

“He who grows up on something is a young man.” To confirm this saying, we have devoted a special section for children and youth, out of our belief that countries do not progress or develop except through an educated young man. Our goal in this section is to educate the Arab user about the importance of educating young people from childhood to the love and understanding of technology, computer science and the scientific methods used in building a generation of young men and women who are able to achieve scientific knowledge. The renaissance in our Arab countries.