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Oppo A78 5G phone review

Oppo A78 5G phone review

Oppo A78 5G phone review

The Oppo A78 5G phone was launched to compete in the category of low-cost phones that support connection to 5G networks with large battery capacity and good performance. In the following lines, we highlight the advantages and disadvantages of this version.

Design and screen

The Oppo A78 5G phone comes with a lightweight plastic design with a smooth experience in holding the phone, but it is a design that certainly does not compete with the higher versions that feature a metal frame.

The phone includes a 6.56-inch LCD screen that features a small protrusion for the front camera. The screen comes with a resolution of only 720p, which is an acceptable spec for a low-cost version of a smartphone, but if you want a higher-quality screen for streaming video content, the Samsung Galaxy A14 version will be there for you. 5G, which supports FHD+ display quality and a 90Hz refresh rate.

On the other hand, the Oppo phone includes a USB C port at the bottom, with a headphone jack, and Oppo is one of the limited companies that continues to push the headphone jack feature in its smartphones.

On the right side of the phone's frame are the main power button and the volume rocker. Fingerprint sensor technology is integrated into the main power button, but Oppo also provides another option for registering in the phone via facial recognition technology.

The main camera unit also features two rings with an elegant vertical design in the back cover, but its specifications do not differ from many competing versions in the same category.


The A78 5G phone includes a 50-megapixel main camera, with a 2-megapixel camera for black and white shots, and in the practical test of the camera’s performance, the resulting images were not balanced in both dark areas and light areas, which is an expected performance in a low-cost phone camera in general. However, the Pixel 6a phone from Google can offer better performance in the rear camera and at a good pricing level.

On the other hand, the phone comes with a mode known as “Extra HD,” which aims to clarify details with higher resolution in images, but the distinctive 720p screen does not highlight this feature in the best way.

The camera also supports digital zoom up to 10 times. Practical experience in performing digital zoom revealed that the zoom does not exceed 4 or 5 times, as images become blurry when zoomed to the highest level.

The resolution of the front camera on the phone is 8 megapixels, and the situation is no different with the front camera, which does not provide the best performance in photography.

Performance and software

This version of the Oppo phone is supported by the MediaTek 6833 chip, which provides good performance with a random memory capacity of 4 GB RAM. The processor also provided good performance in some games, with fast performance in switching between games and applications. The processor also offers good performance on the phone in social media, especially with the 90Hz refresh rate, which is excellent for quick scrolling and browsing messages in Gmail.

Bloatware is also one of the biggest problems facing users of the A78 5G phone, as it pushes many applications and games to the main screen within a few minutes, but Oppo allows users to delete these programs.

the battery

Oppo launches this version with a 5000 mAh battery, which is a large battery capacity that supports the user with good performance throughout the day.

The phone also uses 33W fast charging technology, which is a feature that the Oppo version outperforms the TCL 40 R 5G phone in the same category. Through practical experience, the battery was able to maintain a good charging life for long periods. When playing games for 30 minutes, the battery capacity dropped to 18%. While the battery level dropped to 12% while playing video content from Netflix.

Do you want to buy Oppo A78 5G?

Oppo offers the Oppo A78 5G phone with many common specifications in this category of low-cost phones, but the first marketing point in this version comes with a large battery capacity that can last all day.

On the other hand, the screen and camera do not provide the best performance, as the screen offers a resolution of 720p, with limited camera performance and better performance options on the market.