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YouTube launches a new “Samples” feature to improve the music search experience

YouTube launches a new “Samples” feature to improve the music search experience

YouTube launches a new “Samples” feature to improve the music search experience

Are you looking for a new way to replenish your playlist?
 YouTube has provided you with the magic key to the door of renewed songs with its new feature "Samples". In a new attempt to revitalize the way users discover music, YouTube has launched "Samples" in its music app. Aimed at music audiences around the world, especially in the MENA region, Samples promises a short video experience that leads users to find their next favorite song or artist.

Samples is a unique tab in the YouTube Music app. Through it, listeners can enjoy short snippets of music videos. With its intuitive interface, users can quickly add a new song to their collection, share it with friends, watch the entire video, explore the album, or even take a creative step by using a specific song to create their own short YouTube clip.

This innovative feature builds on YouTube Music's rich library and is designed to provide fresh music suggestions from the latest releases of promising artists, to songs from well-known artists that you may have overlooked. Each track provides a quick and in-depth look at the artist, song and accompanying video, all you have to do is swipe vertically for a new and fun musical experience.

As for artists, "Aynat" is a new gateway to expand the fan base and enhance their presence on YouTube. Through this feature, YouTube showcases its ability to connect artists with their audience through a unique mix of videos and live performances, making it the ideal platform for all music lovers.

Samples enhances the connection between artists and listeners. As Liliana Abou Dalo, Head of Music MENA, YouTube, explains, “YouTube has always been a platform that allows fans to actively engage with the music they love. Samples are an extension of our commitment to innovation. The process of discovering music. It adds soul to our daily music routine."

As for Jay Fowler, Director of Product Management for YouTube Music, he provided a more detailed view of the company's new feature and said: "YouTube's goal with the "Samples" feature is to create a specific new experience, and to provide a comprehensive musical journey. As we see it as an introduction to a complete musical meal, it seeks to Facilitate deep connections with songs and artists without having to leave the YouTube Music library.

The new YouTube feature is a testament to the platform's commitment to creating engaging and meaningful music experiences. With "samples" from YouTube, the search for the perfect music just got easier and more exciting. You can discover new melodies and immerse yourself in a rich listening experience that combines the past and the present. For more details, visit