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Samsung plans to launch foldable tablets

Samsung plans to launch foldable tablets

Samsung plans to launch foldable tablets

Samsung is planning to launch foldable tablets, according to company officials.

British newspaper The Independent quoted TM Roh, Head of Mobile Experience, as saying that foldable tablets are on their way sooner or later.

Roh added that the ZFold and ZFlip phones will not be the only devices that Samsung is eyeing, noting that tablets are a very good segment, and the foldable design can be applied to them.

Roh stated that he and Samsung Mobile are fully convinced of foldable devices. Because this design has always been a part of human history and human nature for a long time, and that was represented in reading books and using notebooks, as he put it.

Roh said that what the company applied to smartphones will spread to other devices such as tablets and laptops, pointing to the adoption of the foldable design in them.

Samsung is investing a lot of resources in developing foldable device technologies, and will introduce its new products when they are ready to deliver a meaningful experience and develop its core technology, according to a Samsung official, without specifying a specific launch date.

At the end of last July, Samsung unveiled its latest foldable phones, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5, with a different design philosophy in each phone.