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How do we make iPads support old "Windows" systems? This is a clever trick

How do we make iPads support old "Windows" systems? This is a clever trick

How do we make iPads support old "Windows" systems? This is a clever trick

A technical expert specializing in Apple devices succeeded in discovering a way to make “iPad” devices supportive of classic Windows systems

Expert and technical editor "Harry McCracken", through his tweet on his Twitter account, revealed a way to install a classic version of "Windows", specifically version 3.1, on the Apple iPad.

Using an app called iDOS, McCracken relayed Windows installation details through this app, citing technical expert Benjen Edwards.

The steps were as follows, once the Windows 3.1 system files are downloaded, they are transferred to the Files app on your iPad.

In turn, the iDOS app will create a folder in the Files app for things you plan to upload through the app.

The new iPad Pro

With regard to the new iPads, Apple plans to launch a larger version of the Tablet-iPad Pro, according to a specialized report.

A report by Bloomberg stated that the current available version of the device measures 12.9 inches.

He added that the new step comes within the expected future offers from Apple, which also includes the latest version of the MacBook Pro computer.

According to a Bloomberg report, the improvement will be noticeable in the iPad's screen size, but that won't happen for two years from now.

This comes after Apple introduced a version of the tablet that works with the new M1 chip, according to Bloomberg News.

The new iPad Pro tablet isn't just for creators, it has a strong personality in the office. In addition to the computing power of the M1 processor, the upgraded 12-megapixel camera can track people during video calls and adjust the clip accordingly, and Apple calls this function the Center Stage.

Apple is so far working on the development of the iPad's exterior design, and it is expected that a glass back will be added to it, as part of the 2022 version, which will be available in a size similar to the current version, which ranges between 11 and 12.9 inches.

Technical expert "Mark Gorman", in his report, revealed the main specifications of the new "MacBook Pro", including a dedicated slot for connecting HDMI and an SD card slot, as well as magnetic MagSafe technology.