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A program similar to WhatsApp without a number and easy to use 2021



A program similar to WhatsApp without a number and easy to use 2021

A program similar to WhatsApp without a number and easy to use 2021

A program similar to WhatsApp without a number is one of the things that a large number of users are looking for, as we find that WhatsApp is one of the most important and largest applications used for social communication all over the world.

It is one of the famous applications owned by Facebook after its name spread widely, so we find that there are millions of users of this application spread around the world and use it frequently throughout the day.

But WhatsApp needs to use a phone number in order to be able to use it in a normal way which may annoy many users, so the content of this article will be a program similar to WhatsApp without a number that is easy to use and programs that serve the same services that help you socialize, but without the need for a number Telephone.

Program similar to WhatsApp without number 2021

At the beginning of the saying, we must know what the WhatsApp application is and what are its features and characteristics, in order to be able to know the characteristics that should be in applications similar to it.

We find that the WhatsApp application is:

An instant free application that you can download on your phone and chat with all your friends in your contact list, your friends also need the same application to be able to communicate with you.

WhatsApp is also used to send voice messages, videos, multimedia, and photos.

WhatsApp serves all types of operating systems, starting from Android, iPhone, Windows, as well as Blackberry and iPad.

WhatsApp requires an internet connection.

Features of WhatsApp application:

  • For many travelers who are unable to communicate with their parents, wives and children, WhatsApp has become a basic necessity to connect with others and get to know their news.
  • Some people also use WhatsApp because it is a free service that offers very high phone charges, so you can use WhatsApp to text your friends, see their status and talk to them for free for a long time.
  • Through the WhatsApp app, users can change their status as they like, they can also share your location on Google Maps, upload your profile picture, use emojis in chats and also change the look of your conversations.
  • The group chat option allows users to chat with up to 10 people in a single conversation, and WhatsApp is characterized by the ability to send many photos, videos, voice messages and multimedia, which increases the degree of interaction between friends and family through it.
  • We can say that the WhatsApp application is one of the easiest and simplest applications to use, so that anyone can deal with it easily, and some people also use this application to share ideas and information.

Since the application is completely free, it requires registration through your phone number, but at this point you will find many other applications that work without the need for a phone number.

The best WhatsApp-like program without a number:

There are a large number of applications that you can use to be a great alternative to the WhatsApp application, and among these applications you will find:

Kik Messenger.
Facebook Messenger.

And many more, so below we will talk about each of these applications in detail.

Kik Messenger App:

Kik Messenger is one of the free applications known to many Android smartphone users and is considered the best WhatsApp-like program without a number, as it sends text messages, photos and group chats with friends and with friends and relatives.

You can chat through this application with anyone you want from your friends, family or even your co-workers and other people, and we find that this application is one of the strongest competitors to WhatsApp, the number of downloads of Kik Messenger has exceeded the barrier of 100 million users.

However, we find that this application is not widespread enough in the Arab countries, as it ranks first in the user base of the application from the residents of the United States of America.

The latest statistics indicate that the number of Kik smartphone application users in the United States has exceeded 50 million, but the application was recently launched in Arab countries because of the strength and proven ability of the application.

Kik Messenger Features:

  • This app works on all kinds of systems, including Android, iPhone, and Windows.
  • It has a user base that can reach hundreds of millions of users.
  • This application has been designed and developed with high accuracy, as the application is characterized by smoothness, ease of use and lightness for all users due to the characteristics and advantages it offers.
  • The application has a unique user interface that helps you to handle the application easily.
  • The app offers constant updates and at constant intervals, occurring once a month. These updates also address any issues that may arise with users, as well as those in these updates and application development.
  • The app helps you to send any message, text, photo or video to anyone you wish to communicate with.
  • The application allows you to have several groups that can send and chat with one of the people in it.
  • The application does not require a phone number, but you will need to register and create a username with which you can call from anywhere in the world.
  • Through this application, you can divide the existing groups as needed, where you can make a section that contains a special group for work and another group for acquaintances.
  • Through this app, you can also send and receive gifs, make videos and games, and share them with your friends.

Facebook Messenger app:

Facebook Messenger is a person-to-person messaging and chatting application, and this application officially appeared during January of 2014 and has become more popular and popular all over the world over the past few years. one.

The reason for this is due to its many advantages and unique quality that is not found in any other social networking application.

We also find that the work team of this application is working to improve and fix it continuously to fix problems that appear in it with use, as well as to update all the features offered by the application.

One of the most important features of this application is that it is completely free, and you can download it without having to pay any amount of money, whether to purchase it or to make internal purchases in it, and the application also comes with a very simple and almost negligible space.

The Messenger application contains a large number of stickers and cute shapes that you can use in the conversation between you and your friends or relatives, as well as a very pure and clear audio and video call feature.

Many developers also announced that the application uses a very advanced technical system with excellent sound and image purity, and you can see your friends and relatives in front of you from anywhere in the world, in addition to exchanging text messages and emojis, as well as changing the color of the written text.

Features of the Facebook Messenger app:

1- Using Messenger without a Facebook account

If you want to give up your Facebook account as a user and don't want to use it again, or if you want to interrupt Facebook for a while, the Facebook Messenger app now lets you register a new account only for users who don't have a Facebook account.

Where we find that there is a feature to run your Messenger account without having to run your Facebook account, and that is by choosing (Not on Facebook), after you download and install the application, log in and from here you can add your name and profile picture.

2- The presence of a copy of Messenger on computers

If you don't want to open the Facebook app to save time at work or for any other reason, but you still want to communicate with your friends via your computer, the Messenger app has a version for computers, which allows you to enjoy all the benefits of the app.

3- Share your location with a specific person

The Facebook Messenger application has the feature to easily share their geographical location with friends through the application. All the user has to do is click on the (geographical location) icon above the specified space to write the message and share the date and location with the person to whom you sent your geographical location.

4- Install helper apps inside Messenger

Facebook allows users to install private apps within the Messenger platform itself. This gives you the ability to share music from Spotify, as well as additional features like saving and sharing files from Dropbox, sending animated GIFs, and more.

All you have to do to be able to do these downloads is to click the (three dots) sign above the message box in the Messenger app to see what apps are available to download and use.

5- Play with your friends
Messenger allows you to play basketball with their friends through the app, users simply send a basketball emoji, and once they click on it they will see a simple game where they can play basketball with the friend who sent the emoji.

In addition to the ability to play chess within conversation as well, you can also play chess from your desktop via Facebook by sending a link called (@fbchess play) to your friends to watch the game and instructions on how to play it.

But we find that chess can be played on any version of the Messenger application, while basketball is available on Android phones only.

5- Make free voice and video calls

The Facebook Messenger app provides users with free, high-quality voice calls in addition to the ability to make video calls. All the user needs to do is simply click on the speaker icon in the conversation between him and the person he wants to call in order for me to make a voice-only call.

Or if you want to communicate in the form of a video, you can do so when you click on the video camera icon at the top of the conversation between you and the other person.

Skype app:

As for the third and last application in the list of a program similar to WhatsApp without a number, it is the Skype application, as this application is considered one of the most popular types of application in the field of social networking, because of its unique features and characteristics.

We find that Skype is an application that allows you to communicate with others around the world and help you exchange conversations with other users of the application.

If you want to have a meeting in seconds while you are at home, you can make an audio call, video call or conference call with any person or group you want to talk to, this communication process only takes a few seconds.

In addition, we find that the application has been developed to be compatible with all systems and all devices from Android phones and iPhones as well as Windows computers, so you can use it on any device in any way you wish.

You can meet and make phone calls at any time, so we find that this application is one of the best specialized applications in this field, and we also find that it is also one of the easiest programs to use and control so you can get the most out of the application.

Skype app features:
  • Skype is one of the most popular social networking applications. It is used by millions of people because it is fast and you can connect in seconds no matter how far you are from your friends.
  • The advantage of this application is that you can communicate with more than 50 people simultaneously through the same call.
  • Meetings can be held day or night or at any time, in an application that works all day and is always available, and you can hold an emergency business meeting and add and talk to all employees easily.
  • One of the benefits of this application is that it helps you to have many meetings with anyone you want without having to leave the house in order to protect yourself from infection with the Corona virus, as you should avoid contact with others and avoid touching surfaces.
  • This application is free because the Skype application is downloaded and used on your phone or computer, unlike other software, you can use the features of this application without paying any fees or payments for the service provided by the application.
  • This app offers the feature of calling landlines and mobile phones at a discount, this feature includes routes around the world as well as routes within the city, now you can call your friends in other countries for a small amount of money.
  • You can send a text message with just one click by calling someone who is not using Skype and signing up for a flat fee for that service only.
  • This application allows you to open multiple accounts programmatically, and if you want to open all accounts at the same time, you need to press shortcut (Windows + R) and then press new shortcut.
  • Another feature that distinguishes the Skype application is the auto-answer feature where you can activate this feature if you want to monitor and check your child outside the home, and you can turn it on by entering the settings and clicking on the call settings, then clicking on “Automatically incoming calls”.
  • You can deal with the application very naturally without having to use any of your own number, as it has this feature that distinguishes it from applications such as WhatsApp and other applications that require a phone number in order to be able to access it.